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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I said I want to Podcast...

Greetings Podfans, Episode 15 of Medium Wave is just a click away and just in case listening to it isn't enough here are your hosts with some information about it.
First up, DJ Rules...king of the simile, master of the metaphor, this week he reckons we're a Picnic.....

DJ Rules Writes:
"People...Its summer in the city and everyday is a stoned soul picnic at Medium Wave. So settle yourself down on DJ Rules' Gingham blanket and lets open that wicker hamper and explore the aural delights of a fine Medium Wave spread.

Next to the paper plates I see a delicately wrapped copy of The Premiers' "Farmer John". Looking as juicy and appealing as it did back in '64 this is an East LA crazy hep cat workout driven by a gaggle of screaming pedal pushing lovelies known as the Chevelles Car Club: the record was the party and if you see "Kosher Pickled Harry" do let me know. For the story behind this tune check out

Sitting snuggly beside the ham sandwiches neatly cut by Dr Volume rests the rather more contemporary Mr Day with DJ Vadim and the Curtis homage "If I Can't Love You". Presented as a delightful 7" white vinyl pressing this slab of pure 70s stoop funk is one of DJ Rules tunes of the year so far. With the vocals and melody floating along like a crisp packet on a hot New York sidewalk Mr Day is clearly going to stay a believer and I'm right beside him. Find out more or purchase at

Perfect as a side dish I have also packed a good helping of sunshine pop with The 5th Dimension's "Good News". Originally known as The Versatiles, a name change and the support of Jim Webb (songwriter) and Bones Howe (arranger) saw these 5 crazy cats purring slick soaring soul harmonies. You may well remember "Up-Up And Away" as well as "California Soul" and "Stoned Soul Picnic" (written by Laura Nyro - ed) everyone a winner baby and that's no lie...check out

Finally every picnic needs a slightly left-field nibble, I personally go for anchovies in olive oil but this time decided to pack a little Coco Rosie with "By Your Side". From their 2004 debut La Maison De Reve this slice of Lo-Fi Parisian playfulness is rocking my boat in ways that the good Doctor finds difficult to understand but then we don't all like anchovies...
So people that's DJ Rules and his hamper of summer goodies, enjoy the treats and roll one for me x"

And now over to our correspondent Dr Volume....

Dr Volume Writes:
"Get yer Factor 15 on, make sure you're carrying an umbrella...its the old curmudgeon Dr Volume here. Firstly, what on earth is "Stoop Funk"? I've just Googled it and the only thing it came back with was...this very blog entry by DJ Rules! As for Coco Rosie..I recall it got very good notices when it came out but its one of those records I can very easily judge as one that I simply do not like. I just find the rather self-consciously "fragile" production values rather mannered. Deliberately squeaky 'iccle-girlie' vocals are also one of my pet hates, see also Talulah Gosh, The Cranes and Deerhoof. I like Anchovies though. Especially their third LP "Double Squid and Patatas Bravas".

Anway I played some records as all seems a long time ago and I'm now busy deciding which Swell Maps track to put on next weeks show (at the moment, its all of them but I'm sure I can narrow it down).
Well, I played the rather fine Junior Boys who are now 3 albums in and still doing a fine job of imagining what 80s Electro Pop might have been like if the Fairlight and the Linn-Drum had never been invented. Its pop music alright, but also full of air and space..kind of Dub-Pop. Not that I have anything against the Trevor Horn style kitchen-sink approach but its an interesting exercise.

I gave Deerhunter a spin too. These are much blogged already so I won't add to the mountain of publicity that has already been heaped upon them, but I must say they were excellent at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds last week. They continue to do that weird thing of playing very loud, intense music almost without a break and then pausing to riff with the crowd in a very disarming way, somewhat at odds with the Psychedelic maelstrom still ringing in your ears. This gig ended with a rather protracted attempt by a (tired & emotional) Bradford Cox to ring his mum over the PA System (aided by their laconic sound engineer). He eventually succeeded and god knows what Mama Cox thought of the message left by her son speaking through a digital delay with 200 rather merry fans cheering in the background.

Good to get a Chrome track in too. This one pushed DJ Rules' Lo-Fi garage rock button! I got this on the strength of the sleeve, and all I can say is the cover accurately depicts what it sounds like:

Also in my selection were tracks by the excellent Ametsub, Working for A Nuclear Free City and the mighty Boredoms. Thanks for listening. Podcast 16 coming very soon, I've been down to the bargain basement for this one so should be good. "

That's all from your two resident DJs. Stick around for Episode 16. Oooh Matron...."

Listen on....

Sunday, 17 May 2009

We ate peanuts and played records

The man with the dog walked past and cast a glance through the window. The local teenager shuffled on by parading the now and anticipating the event. A Toyota pulled up and a man stepped from the vehicle with a rather large bag. The rain started falling as the mic stands were set up and at 9.45 a rather angular and bovine young lady passed by with a takeaway. At 10pm the lights were dimmed and the scotch eggs had been eaten. The show started at 10.15 precisely. DJ Rules explored his full repertoire, stepping gently into J Dilla and Slum Village and directing the orchestra into a statesman like version of 'Fall in Love' conducted by Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood Ferguson. As the night fell and the city slowed a touch of Ariel Pink 'Getting High in the Morning' was deftly introduced followed by The Millenium Psych-ing out 'To Claudia on a Thursday'. As the last peanuts were crunched and the Carlsberg drained a stirring rendition of the Phreek classic 'Weekend' was reinterpreted by Class Action aka Leroy Burgess. At 12.30 the mics were unplugged and at 1am the Toyota reappeared and a tall man climbed into the back. I do hope the bovine young lady enjoyed her takeaway and you enjoy this performance of Medium Wave.

DJ Rules with acknowledgement to Dom Cerulli and the sleevenotes for the 1965 classic; Milt Jackson at the Museum of Modern Art.

J Dilla and Slum Village (

Ariel Pink (

The Millenium (

Class Action aka Leroy Burgess (

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Episode 13: Oak style flooring with a Khaki and Orange Colour Scheme

Well Podfans, the Medium Wave Fun-Bus has pulled into a well known UK 'Leisure complex' and Episode 13 is upon us. Press play on the PodPlayer at the top of the page and browse our extensive facilities, or read on for the full brochure.

Here is DJ Rules to tell you about some of the gramophone records he played on the show:

DJ Rules Writes:
"Mines a single malt...hep cats, beatmakers and soul breakers welcome one and all to Medium Wave episode 13. As
you will know DJ Rules is a man not scared to show his love so I open my arms to you all and say don your leisure suit, slip on those free slippers and pad on down to the Medium Wave leisure complex. You can check in anytime and we offer a range of family friendly activities...bookable in advance of course with a valid credit card and copy of the Daily Mail. First off may I introduce you to Shafiq Husayn head of light entertainment and soul soaring hip hop beats. We play "Push" from the album Jank Random Vs Earl Leonne. Check out more at"

"Over at the Medium Wave Cafe le Dysfunctionale we have the ever helpful Thee Oh Sees serving up a healthy family platter of wild garage rock with a delightful surf topping. Check out their low carb menu at And remember moms for every copy of "Ruby Go Home" you order Medium Wave will give you a free Kids colouring pack of favourite stills from that Disney classic 'Look Mom Hannah is a Whore'

"Once your belly is full why not slide on over to the Medium Wave bar and join mein host the Dukes of Stratosphear. Renowned for their friendly welcome and only recently returned from a highly successful Cruise Ship tour let the boys spin away your clogged artieries and help you eat your monkey mind with the cocktail classic "My Love Explodes" Find their summer schedule at And I have to say the album is very well modelled by Dr Volume and his somewhat Morriseyesque chin!!"

"So there you go people its always 25 o clock at the Medium Wave leisure complex...and no we don't offer a checkout facility but then why would you want to do that....Donuts to
ya all ..DJ Rules head of housekeeping and tobacco supplies"

Thank you DJ Rules,
and now here is Dr Volume to tell you about the noises that came out of his computer when he pressed the button marked "Music".

"I'll have a Krombacher, and get us some Peanuts would you? I've just realised if you click my link to the Krombacher Website it plays 'Belfast Child' by Simple Minds as one might imagine Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits might play it. I find that somewhat disturbing. I hope DJ Rules doesn't listen to it, as it may bring back haunting memories of his woodland Utopia. Anyway, I played some music on the Podcast too! 'Selina's Melodie Fountain' by the hugely unsung Serena Maneesh, was one of them. This lot get accused of being Shoegaze revivalists but while the lurching guitars and FX-laden production obviously nod toward My Bloody Valentine there is a Stones-esque swagger and giddy Pop sensibility to this which is more....Stargazing than Shoegazing. "

"I also played a remix of a D├ębruit track by Alfred Weisberg-Roberts aka Daedelus. Not only has he done a fine job of mashing up the wonkiest Gallic Hip-Hop with New Order's 'Perfect Kiss' he also sports some quite splendid sideburns which would make both Mike Nesmith and Richard O'Sullivan of 'Robin's Nest' fame quite jealous."

"Manchester Funksters A Certain Ratio featured in our 'Warm Baguette...or Mouldy Old Dough' spot this week. The result is somewhat predictable as I still feel a certain loyalty to the band I've followed for over 20 years. They have been through enough stylistic and line-up changes to earn the title of the 'Fleetwood Mac' of Post-punk. It is fair to say that at times they have tested my loyalty! They do actually have a new LP out which has been available for a few months but you can't buy it in the shops and as yet its only available on import from Son De Marquis. Its a mixed-bag of a record which references the past a lot, and I agree with my co-presenter that there is a bit too much thrown into the mix and it would be great to hear Ratio pare it down a bit.
ACR Live is another matter entirely, and if you haven't seen them play before you really should go aong and see how Cowbells were meant to be walloped. You can catch them at the Deaf Instiute in Manchester on 24 May and the fab Brudenell Club in Leeds in 4 July. More dates

"Finally, DJR explained to me that his post includes a reference to Hannah Montana. I had little concept of this charmless, Aryan, Disneyfied Bimbotron until I saw her on Jonathan Ross last Fiday. I can only urge that if yer kids insist on seeing her new movie that you also get them the original 'Fame' and 'Saturday Night Fever' on DVD which have good singalong songs, and also have a meaningful plot, a bit of gritty realism and Non-White people in them."

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Listen with DJ Rules and Dr Volume

Well said Dr Volume!. Also worth mentioning that the Four Tet track is a collaboration with the Sa Ra Collective and, man, we are talking a far out tune. Its going to turn your toes to jelly and your eyes to ice'll wake up at a children's party being served as the pudding whilst whistling a Sore Eros tune. Seriously people this show is a killer, and the Mind on Fire Guys are about to let loose some serious beat abuse in the Manchester this space mes amies..

Keep on looking under those carpets ...DJ Rules carpet beater extraordinaire.

Episode 12 Coming Soon.

Episode 12 has now been digitized and will be up here for your listening pleasure just as soon as Dr Volume has removed all the libellous, scandalous and rubbish bits. It will almost certainly feature music by Quincy Bright, Four Tet, Cheapskate, Thomas Dolby, Move D, Bauhaus, Super Furry Animals, the jaw-dropping new single by Tim Exile and many many more.
Plus we have our special guest from the Mind Of Fire collective with news of their various exciting cultural happenings down Manchester way. Stay tuned, its gonna be a belter.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

My people - Episode 11

My people were wobbly and had flowers in their hair....beat abusers, accoustic soundscapers and downright wrong'uns gather and shake those copies of the guardian for we refuse to be labelled... we come to dip our furry toes in the pool of Medium Wave. Yes, episode 11 is amongs us and what a treat of aural impudence it is. Some of DJ Rules highlights include (on my left) that electro classic COD, In the Bottle. A full on effect 1983 electro stromer of Gill Scott Herons tune with a little bit of the smurf mixed in for added head spinning. Found a great site the other day which has collected stacks of the old NYC early rap and hip hop flyers from around 79 to 85...check out
On the more furry feet tip I can only say get out folksters and purchase your copy of the new Sore Eros album. Ethereal, celestial and all those other ials that DJ Rules loves to snuggle up with on a chilly Spring evening. Stand out tracks include, In my Heart and Lips Like Wine, the latter a little like being dipped in warm chocolate and then whispered dry by a collection of French au-pairs.

Yann Kesz was a real treat and I could have pretty much picked any one of the thirteen sublime wobbly hip hop/disco edits on this platter. It came out in 2007 and is another formidable from the French beats scene. Featuring Eagle Nebula, Lorett Fleur, Karim Nazem, DJ Suspect, LMNO, LD and Boddhi Sativa its on the Tradvibe label which can be found at

Finally I doff my rather jaunty Kangol hat to the Reggae and Dub pioneer Mr Dennis Bovell. Now DJ Rules is no part time sucker and he respects true talent and innovation so I say arise Sir Bovell aka Blackbeard and stand proud. From the Slits to I Roy, the Pop Group through Madness, Dennis has played that desk like a true believer. We played Electrocharge from the Blackbeard album I Wah Dub and I suggest you find a horizontal position and let the UK Dub Master take over......

Well beautiful people thats DJ Rules on the blog letting you know where my hat is at. Keep on listening, send in comments, send us records and stay believers. Peace Dub and Flowers ...